Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Welcome Back!

Hello beauties out there! I've been slacking hardcore on all of my social media outlets in the last year or more. I've had a blog previously but I am looking to majorly revamp it within the coming months! Take this post as an apology for my absence and me making a commitment to making this page more!

I guess lets catch up. Since I've last blogged lots have changed for me in my life. I am now 27, still engaged to the most amazing man in the entire world (no real plans on getting married, life goes on). My beautiful daughter is now 7 years old!!!! She's still the light of my, most days, dull life. She is an amazing little girl. Mackenzie is smart (straight A's), an amazing swimmer (Go Vermillion Torpedos), and she has this amazing, loving, kind, funny personality. SHE IS AWESOME! If you've followed my Youtube channel since the start you may remember my little baby doing karaoke, seems like so long ago! Here's my beautiful family.
In September, I was blessed with a job offer from Sephora inside JCPenney in a local mall. The store had not been opened yet so I've been on board with my coworkers from the beginning of the store. I went through Science of Sephora training, we merchandised our store, and are very proud of our store. I've become a family with all these girls, and I love going to work each and everyday. I am currently a Part Time Product consultant, but I'd love to one day grow in the Sephora company. My love of makeup and utter passion has really helped me in my job, and my life is so enriched now that I am doing what I love. I am beyond blessed with this job! Sephora has also only fueled my need for beauty/skincare/fragrance knowledge. I hope I can bring some refreshing and new material to this page in the future. Here's a photo of me when we first opened, and my Halloween Makeup look.
Thanks for stopping by, please feel free to leave suggestions, requests, anything! I have a couple post coming up about my recent Influenster reviews, but after that I want to do some reviews and other fun stuff! 
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