About Me

Hey everyone, thought i'd give you a little more information on myself!
I am Abby, I live in a suburban town west of Cleveland, Ohio. I am a makeup and nail polished obsessed women, who has a serious shopping issue. I will be posting NOTD [nail of the day] photos here, reviews, FOTD [face of the day] posts, and any other fun beauty stuff here! I hope you guys like my page, and really keep coming back for more!!! All personal posts will be under the tab MY LIFE at the top of the page, it's nice to keep both of those words separate just in case your here entirely for the beauty part.
Now on to 10 fun facts about me!!!

1.) I have a beautiful 5 year old [omg i can't believe it] daughter Mackenzie who is my pride and joy! She's the light of my life. I'd be lost without her.
2.) I am an ASPIRING freelance makeup artist, I try to get my name out there, but its tough. So I'm a work in progress.
3.) My favorite color is HOT PINK!
4.) I am OBSESSED with hedgehogs/porcupines, it all started with Mr. Pricklepants from toy story 3. Ahhh, i just love him, and any cute hedgehog items. Anything I see with that, I buy.... :D
5.) I am very shy, and sensitive.... Once you get to know me. Then I am crazy, outgoing, and super fun! Weird, huh.
6.) I desperately crave to have close girlfriends that share my same obsessions, but sadly they are all far away. I've met wonderful people networking on Youtube & such. But for now, I only have my Fiance to talk makeup to! 
7.) I am engaged to the most WONDERFUL man on the planet, Brian. No plans to get married just yet, we have way to much to get in order first. Plus we don't really have the money for the wedding of our dreams, so we settle for normal.
8.) I extreme coupon [or try I should say]. It's one of my passions, so If you share that common thing, please shoot me a comment or message. Or if you are in the area, I'd love Coupon donations :D [shameless plug to get more coupon inserts! BAD ABBY]

9.) I thrive on feedback from my readers/viewers.... It keeps me going.
10.) I love movies, music, being goofy, watching my favorite tv shows [i.e Greys anatomy, sons of anarchy, pretty little liars, vampire diaries, chopped, cupcake wars, hells kitchen]

PLEASE don't hesitate to introduce yourself, I love making new friends. Please add my facebook and twitter, so we can chat!