Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Influenster: Dove Deodorant

I promise this is my last Influenster post of the day (hahaha). Honestly though, one other reason I appreciate Influenster as a blogger is that I constantly have content to talk about.

Lets talk about the new DOVE DEODORANT! This is Dove Advanced Care deodorant. I will just say right now that this is one of my favorite products I've ever received from Influenster. I've been someone who's suffered from dry, itchy, irritated underarms. With the new Dove deodorant it's so special because it actually heals and prevents underarm irritation from shaving and such. I was a little skeptical at first, but man this stuff works.

A little more info on the deodorant itself. You can find this at any mass retailer or drugstore. It retails for $4.88 at Walmart stores, and higher at other retailers. You can find more info and what retailers carry it in your area through the Dove website.
I do have a special offer for you though, if you watch a short ad on you can get $2 off making it just $2.88 (AMAZINGG! I already have my coupon ready!)

Ladies, just give it a try for yourself! This is my new #holygrail deodorant, and i'm so glad I finally found it! #Raiseyourarms with pride!!!!
No redness, no discoloration, no dry skin! I can finally be confident with my underarms! It's crazy to think it's such a big deal!

Let me know if you've tried this before, or your thoughts down below! Be sure to follow Dove:

Stay Beautiful

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